Being a person with cerebral palsy and a wheelchair user since the age of 4, winters took their toll on my legs. Like all kids, I loved playing outside with my friends which always meant, I would be out in the cold longer. When my mother was finally able to coax me inside, my legs were ice cold and I'd be on the verge of tears from leg cramps. My mom and dad (like many other parents of children with disabilities) took matters into their own hands. We had simply given up on continually having regular blankets falling off and tangling in my wheels. There was nothing on the market that would meet my needs. Thus, the first Zac Sac was born. Although thick and bulky...it worked!

Being a family who’s been there and understands the challenges of raising a child in a wheelchair, we are currently GIFTING them to children no cost. Originally designed in 1995, my family and I couldn’t be more excited to re-introduce this cozy wheelchair blanket that actually works!

Please text Heather Weeks (780-446-1991) for more information and to request your Zac Sac!

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